Minggu, 06 November 2011

Great Pumped Up Kicks Cover By Tyler Ward


Hello guys ! What's up ? today i want to share a pretty cool video from Tyler Ward, he covered a pretty unique song that called Pumped Up Kicks from Foster the People. This cover has a slight difference with the original one. Some of people might say the cover is better because it has listenable lyrics, since the original one use auto tune and its pretty unique. But personally I think its such a great song that everybody who loves electronica should listen to ! so, check this Pumped Up Kicks cover out !

What do you think ? pretty cool huh ? if you want to watch it on youtube you can click here. And if you doesn't watch the official video yet, you also can check it by clicking here. Both of them is really really cool and i suggest everyone on the web both of the video :D

HappySunday !

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